Friday, September 7, 2012

Workin' hard at having fun!

I have been so sick that I haven't been able to play with my precious boy like I like to. So, today I was determined that no matter how bad I felt I was turning the tv off and working with my smart little toddler on some fun learning activities. First we worked on putting beads onto pipe cleaners. He was really good at it! I was trying to get him to hold one at a time but he found a way to hold a handful of beads and put the beads one on at a time on to the pipe cleaner. :) I was proud. After that we worked on numbers. It didn't go so well because he was too interested in using the green crayon to color something for himself! Another day! :) Next we used Melissa and Doug water color paper. It's the book of painting pages that has the row of paint at the top that you use a wet paintbrush on. It was okay but not as fun as real messy paint! So as not to disappoint, we moved on to REAL paint! He has a smock, but it's made for a bigger boy, so we put it on and used a clothes pin to tighten the back, he forgot all about it once he got some paint in his hands! I set him all up with "no spill" paint cups, paint, paintbrushes, and a clean sheet of paper on his easel, and let him go to town. He started off pretty neat but got down to business and hog his hands pretty dirty, he looked to me concerned that I'd be like "oh no! Not your hands!" but I showed him he could make some pretty cool hand prints now! After all that messy fun we washed him up and looked at the color that the water turned from all that paint! It is so fun to have a 2 year old' I'm ready for this morning sickness to go away so I can enjoy it more! It's been long enough!

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