Monday, September 24, 2012

My "baby" boy

I am constantly amazed by my my ever growing, ever learning toddler. He surprises me every day by saying or doing something new. He is so incredibly sweet. I can't believe it when he comes out with some very two year old things to say! He told me that I was mean the other day and I didn't even know he knew what that meant! Haha but they seem so big that you forget how small they really are. It's times like rocking them to sleep that make you remember how they were when they were tiny and remind you to cherish these moments, and all moments with them because they pass by so fast. I am so thankful for these random times that I get to hold him and rick him because you know they are few and far between. To look down and see his little angelic face reminds me that he's just a little guy despite some of his sassy little sayings. I love him so much and I'm so thankful God has trusted me and Michael to be his parents. I really look forward to (as scary as it is to think of chasing two) having our next little baby. Keep praying that we get to have that opportunity because it is never a given! God bless!

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