Thursday, April 26, 2012

We've got an app for that!

Well...I have failed to keep up with this blog yet again. Surprise surprise! But I'm hopeful that since I found an app for the blog website that maybe with my phone on me all the time I might be able to find time to write more often! How 'bout an update on things? Well to start off things are much the same in that we are in the same house and doing similar things during our day. Charlie and I hang out and play most of the day and are looking forward to getting a new swing set and playing outside more often. I haven't been doing as much hair since it's hard to keep up with clients after my day of "mommying". I've mostly kept up with family, which is plenty of work seeing as I have a huge family, so I'm definitely not out of practice if I ever want to go back! Charlie is almost two and we are planning a Blue's Clues party. Charlie is really excited about it! I can't believe it is only a month until my son is two! It is amazing how some days can go by slowly and when you look back it's like he was born yesterday. Seeing how big he's getting has gotten us talking about when we'd like to have another baby. We've talked and planned for months and it looks like we'll be trying this summer for another baby! I'd be happy with another boy, but I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want a little girl to dress in cute little girly things and paint her nails and do her hair! I'll say a healthy baby is my main concern but I'll put in a special request to the big guy for pink in our future! ;) I'm excited for things to come for our little family! Hopefully making it a 'little' bigger! Thanks for reading, and until next time (which hopefully won't be so long)!

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